Chaman Lal Setia Exports Ltd (CLSE)

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@ayushmit no, my point was not on making money out of inventory gains but in last 2-3 quarter results , the proportion of money highlighted in stock in trade and inventory - how to interpret that why it is happening . May be I should check last 10-15 quarter patterns. As March 17 was the quarter when rice prices started going up and the inventory amount in p&l up was up , I am assuming promoter found logic in building inventory before prices go up and this is something which may happen once in 2-3 years when direction of price movement changes . Will check how they operated in previous quarters to draw some analogy.

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A chart to chew (if it helps)… Consistent impressive top-line growth in recent quarters…

As Ayush mentioned - Lets see if the co can regain the higher margins they had earlier along with growth going forward.

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Yeah Ayush…thanks for the correction, the TTM margins have fallen to sub 10%

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Got this today in an Indian grocery store in Brisbane. This is $12.50. There is one more variant at $11.50. The packaging is surprisingly good and resealable. The owner of the shop did not have a high opinion of this brand.

India Gate has $10, $15 and $19 variants for 5kg. This is what we normally buy. Daawat has $17 and $21 (more expensive than India Gate). Kohinoor was $15.

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Do share the product review as well compared to ur regular buy variant, maybe then the price can be put in context, at 800 rs bag looks good realization given the brand equity vs dawat and India gate

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India Gate taste was definitely superior as I think that is aged longer and considerably costlier too at AU$19. But this was not bad too. A bit more starchy. The price was Rs625 for 5kg as I mentioned these in Australian$

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Nice. Do you know any others / friends who have tasted the same? What is their opinion?

And this one is tricky, but if you ever go back to that store or other stores selling the Chaman Lal’s products, could you enquire them about the product’s move rate?

Thank you.

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I don’t know anyone else using this product as let’s face it, it is not one of the recognizable brands yet. My friends use only India Gate. I bought this only because I hold its shares.

Regarding the move rate, I can try to ask when I am in there next. But there were only probably a total of 20 bags for sale of Maharani and only 5kg variety. Indiagate on the other hand probably had more than 200 bags in 5, 10 and 20 Kg. I can say this is very competitive in basmati rice market even in Australia as there were also varieties from Pakistan and even local Australia packaged brands. So probably Manarani has penetrated 2% of basmati rice market here.

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Has anyone seen maharani in Indian stores, i haven’t seen it in any- dmart, big bazaar!

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while promoter group still holds a good stake of more than 74%, they have been actively selling shares since December 2017…any one knows more about this?

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Management interview -

For FY18, growth would be around 50% and for FY19 another 20%.

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Good article:

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What about the MRL worry from EU ?

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I don’t ve specific numbers of Indian companies exporting to EU but totally India exports 6-8 % to EU n even if ban happens, the new variety without highlighted pesticides can be grown after gap of 3 years ,so, For India , valuation loss is 3 year profitability on 6-8% of revenue which can not be more than 5% of valuation . Does not look so high. Thus news 1st came almost 5-6 months back

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Hello Ayush,

I understand that you are invested in the stock. I have also been invested in the company.
My only red flag is that Net profit and cash flow from operations have wide variance,
How do you view this issue ?


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@ayushmit and other Brothers, if u r aware what % of their vol is basmati variety and what % of their basmati is under maharani brand… share of branded basmati in their vol

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Hi All,

Chamanlal has commenced its new packing unit at Gandhidham, Gujarat.
You can read the announcement from here.

Yogansh Jeswani
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Promoters selling regularly over past one month…

(Kumar Saurabh) #99

Nothing new. They frequently do this. However, amount always has been very low. I think family is pretty big considering all 3 generations. So, it looks more frequent.:slight_smile: i think till smount is low, not much to worry

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Some updates on latest Basmati rice export numbers updated on my blog:

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