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(hiral) #333

Currently Continental brand is only available online atleast in Mumbai. I have not seen it in any of the supermarkets.

I tried Continental Xtra and i would rate it 9/10 for taste and 7/10 for packaging.


You cannot post fake reviews without getting caught, unless you have very good posting styles which are in complete contrast to one another in vocabulary, tone, and the overall expression. I am sure you might have seen some of these. You can always sense fake reviews, they don’t portray any real feelings, they kind of sound desperate, real feelings like praise or anger in words are hard to fake.

I did not read these reviews, just saying.

(SteveBayerIN) #335

At P/E 24, the price is too high for me to buy shares but I’m interested in trying out their Continental brand of coffee. I may enter if the price dips close to P/E 16 and they have a better dividend yield.

(MHS) #336

@rvetri please taste and decide yourself.
I am coffee lover, work overseas in middle east and try time to time different coffee brands.
I tried continental during vacation to India. There is absolutely no doubt, coffee taste is second to none in fact better than Nescafé and Bru.

To say simply Continental taste is top class and if they market it wisely it will become brand.

(rvetri) #337

It could be true that ccl coffee is the best… My only point is 164 review count is too small a sample for a food product used daily … A few thousand reviews at least can be a decent number…

(Saji John) #338

Management speaks to BTVI…Volume increase in 2018…95% exports…

(Dhinakaran AK) #339

Yes, you are right. I have shifted from Nestle to Continental since about two years now. I vouch for its quality and taste. It’s available in all the Reliance Fresh out lets in Chennai.


As per the info here, current coffee market, instant and roasted combined , in india is $423 mn . It is expected to grow at 7.7% cagr to reach $569mn, roughly about Rs. 4500 cr by 2023.

Now coming to ccl, no doubt that their product is top notch. However, given the competition they are up against, it would be a huge achievement for them if they gain 30% market share i.e domestic sales of Rs.1500 cr by 2023.

I did some back of the envelope calculation with this. Current net margin for their b2b business is 13%. Since margins will be much higher in the b2c business, assuming the margins to be 25-26%, the best case profit from domestic business could be 390cr in 5 yrs. Assuming their b2b business grows at 10% in this period, net profit can reach 650 cr by 2023, best case.

I feel the opportunity size is limited beyond this.
As per another study here

per capital coffee consumption in India has remained stagnant for the last 4 yrs and I don’t see any reason for it to change in near future.

Disclosure- small tracking position