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(Jaclyn) #208

Thanks for the photo as it clarifies. Since CCL is also a contract manufacturer either the private labels or even the branded products owned by other brands would have been manufactured by CCL. This is the primary business of CCL all along and it has a range of margin. We do not ignore that as it generates the primary volume and the bottom line as of now.

But going forward we should be judging the brands owned by CCL namely Continental Speciale, Continental Premium and Continental Supreme. Because these are ones in which they are planning to invest in marketing and through which they can earn a higher margin. Probably far higher than what they do as a contract manufacturer of other brands or private labels.

(ValueInvestorAP) #209

Just FYI this is private label. CCL sells its coffee to modern retail like Future and Future then repackages it and sells under its own brand. Quality and taste of this kind of bulk coffee that CCL sells might not be as good as the quality & taste of its own brand - Continental Coffee. Do try its all 3 sub-brands - Continental Coffee Supreme(chicory mix), Speciale (spray dried) and premium (freeze dried). Taste wise and price wise pecking order would be premium (highest) > speciale > supreme.

I am a connoisseur of coffee and I feel that Continental Speciale is on par with the quality/taste of Nescafe classic (Nestle’s spray dried version). Nescafe Gold (Nestle’s freeze dried version) I haven’t tried so will not be able to compare with CCL’s premium.

(Rudra Chowdhury) #210

Yes, looking at the early feedback things are progressing well for CCL.

Amazon : Feedback,


Flipkart: Most have a 4.3 and above rating out of 5

(Jaclyn) #211

Just to add on to the discussion, Fresh & Pure should not be called as private label because it is also sold outside Future Group retail network (e.g. Amazon, Flipkart). In future it will become available in other retail shops similar to Bru or Nescafe. Thus it is stand alone brand by Future Consumer.