Capacit'e Infraprojects

(khushi) #76

Both companies part of the same group i.e. Capacit’e Group.


As I understand, Capacit’e infraprojects is not involved in this scam. Name sounds similar and slightly surprising that they are at the same location and in a similar line of business. This raises lots of questions about the operating structure and influence of Pratibha industries’ promoters. The management has indicated willingness to venture into public housing projects and this event will require enplaning from them.

(Umang Joshi) #78

Company clarification

(paraa) #79

This is really confusing,the company named in the report (Capacite structures) has almost similar name,the logo too looks very similiar and located in the same building.

Both seems to have a connection with the prathiba industries.One possible explanation could be they were part of the of same team in prathiba and then decided to form their own entities.

Capacite were prompt in coming up with the explanation but this cloud will linger on for some time…


I think there is difference in line of business as Capacit’e structures in mostly into public infra/capital goods etc while the listed entity is into private housing projects so far. Their DHRP prospectus has given this as a risk factor. I think they should have got the name changed before listing.

(Mukesh Amar) #81

I believe a great deal of credibility is associated with a name. If only changing the name for the sake of it would sort the problem than Anil Ambani would not have opted to retain Reliance name for his ventures. Almost all the stakeholders relate themselves with the older name of the company and in this case both the companies keeping the same name & similar logo viz “capacite infraprojects” & “capacite superstructures” despite parting ways is quite understandable.

(Bhambri3) #82

Has Paragon partners fund sold their complete holding? Can’t find their name in Dec shareholding pattern?