Capacit'e Infraprojects

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Dear Amit, I am sorry abt this language. I have dealt with this company.
Total finance mismanagement and mere on cheaper PE basis one should not
start such thread. They’re are having projects of all major realtors and
currently realty buissness is in bad shape. There is NO Infra story. Pls do
yr Investments with proper research.

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Hi Tejas, you are implying that Capacit’e is Fraudulent and doing financial manipulations which sounds Scary for investors, but you do not substantiate your claim or provide any details whatsoever which is even more Scary!

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Pls chk my wordings I said financial mismanagement and not frauds. I can nt reveal my buissness transactions details however as I mentioned they are nt doing well. All there party’s (realtors) are under stress than Hw can the buissness fundamentals can improve. Pls don’t go after IPO subscription and do your research before investing. ( my company is a largest building products supplier in Mumbai),

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Hi Tejas,

You have mentioned that all realtors are under stress but I have not seen any decline in real estate prices in Mumbai.

Thanks for your time.

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Thank you for your views and comments.
Could you kindly provide more specific details to substantiate your claims. Which realtors? what exact stress? what could be possible impact of the stress?
I have couple of friends in Lodha and as per them business is doing good as usual. No red flags highlighted by them.

Looking forward to your comments.

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Have a look guys… Expected basis of allotment for capacit’e infraprojects (Retail Category)

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Guys, show some maturity. Let us not clutter the thread with meaningless discussion on allotment etc.

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@tejas75 As far as i know the unorganized and small realtors are in stress and there is no dearth of prebookings for reputed builders like Lodha,Prestige,Wadhwa who are the clients for capacite. Infact after troubles in handovers on time by small builders ,the consumers confidence in them has been dented and consumers are ready to pay the premium for reputed builders(just check the prebookings for reputed builders).So am surprised by your claims

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Dear All, We are the largest distributors of building materials in Mumbai and day in day out dealing with all builders. Also into real estate buissness at Pune. No one knows real Esate better than us. Day I day out we deal with all major builders. All the real estate companies are under stress be it A grade or B grade. Only ready inventory with OC has few buyers. Next 1 year is tough due to Impact of GST n RERA n Dumping Ground High court order. I would suggest you to avoid investing in this kind of scripts.

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Hi Tejas,

Thanks for highlighting the risks in this script.

But as you know we are playing the long term story here rather than temporary blip due to Rera/GST and once the sector revives dont you feel big organized players would stand out of the mess rather than small players.

From your experience being a supplier,are u facing receivable issues alone or do you foresee any structural issues with this sector?Thanks

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If Mumbai Real estate are under stress, then how come many Mumbai and MMR based real estate developers like Arihant Superstructure, Ajmera Realty, Man Infra are having a scorching growths. These are plain data, which cant lie.

Secondly, real estate is quite micro-market focused, and has very different price point segments. Overall RE slowdown doesnt necessarily implies slowdown in high-rise apartments construction.

Thirdly, GST+RERA, will create 2 group of RE players. The branded big marque players who can manage finance, quality, and delivery will be massive winner. The rest will have some super though time.


the only thing will change is financing of working capital. Earlier hapless customers used to finance it, now big sharks like Piramal, DHFL and PNB will finance inventory build up at hefty rate and customers will come later. This new paradigm is good for quality builders and resourceful financiers. Other thing is that home loan origination in big cities will be the key differentiation going forward. The big question is who will do the quality construction in the age of RERA. Even big builders have disappointed on the quality front. May be Capacite could fill the gap.

Disc: Small position

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Does anyone know how many of Capacite’s projects are affected by the high court order of a construction ban on non re-development projects due to non resolution of dumping garbage? I could not find much in the DRHP or through other sources. Since Capacite focuses on high rises, there projects tend to be in large mill lands or other industrial plots, which are affected by the court order. Also, any word about the future projects which Capacite has in its pipeline. Are they affected as well? Any info could be useful, please share.

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capacite results on 9 november, hoping to see if it breaks first resistance level at Rs 346

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Total order book crosses 5000 Cr.

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Capacite’s latest win seems to be in the affordable housing sector and if they execute this project well and in quick time,it could be a game changer for them.

So far their niche is in building high rise residential properties of premium builders aimed at the affluent market.With this win they have also entered the affordable housing segment where there is a sense of big opportunity.

I believe affordable housing in land scarce metros are possible only in highrise buildings or in outskirts far way from the main city.

If more property firms take the the first approach Which Arihant group has taken,there are only few builders who have the capability to do it and Capacite is one of them

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Investor presentation .

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Direct link -

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whats ur view on capacitie post q2 . This yr topline 1500 and NP 90 cr can be seen easily.

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IIFL initates coverage on Capacite. Target seems very conservative. I believe with healthy order book and capable management, we can see good returns in this counter over next few years.

Highlights of report:

  • Order book driven by marquee clients and repeat contracts

  • Current order book consists primarily of residential real estate projects(91%)

  • Large order book and healthy project pipeline provide growth visibility. High revenue growth visibility
    for next 3.5 years.

capacite.pdf (300.4 KB)