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Not at all. In a forum we will always get questioned.

While we are in this forum, nothing stops us from listening to more successful peope than us on a similar field. Even here, we will have our preferences and, I need not like every word Basant Maheswari says. But borrowing from his thought and enhancing ourselves nothing wrong with that. But if we simply copy, we will fail.

And secondly not everyone should do the same thing in the forum. That can make it boring. When each one of us have a different approach, the outcome can be wholesome.

Nothing stays constant. From wired we went wireless and when everyone thought wire is dead, in the form of fibre we are again back to wire. Bi-cycle we thought it is dead and but riding on smartphone it has made a dramatic come back. If western pharma is sliding why can’t Ayurveda take the centre stage? Twenty years back Himalya was nowhere on the shelves, but today it is everywhere. So as long as the ride is decent, let us ride.

But market has the knack of giving as well as taking back, either a little or completely. So let us keep our eyes open and enjoy the ride. :pray:

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Everything is fine but being a value investment student, *"paying 50% more " *sometimes get stuck in the ear and when the past history is searched and it will be observed this type of pumping and dumping done by many successful and well know investors then their fan followers get butchered most. Hence I could not resist myself and choose to protest. Anyways I don’t want to continue this further. Thanks a lot.

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this is for the buyer of 30% stake in canfin biz, not to buy canfin stock individually. Paying more for biz is norm to acquire a thriving profitable biz.

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The last time Asset-Liability Mismatch was discussed in this forum was when the interest rates were declining. Now the scenario is changed. With more short-term liabilities and large long-term assets, what do you think about ALM and how can it impact the profitability going forward?

Liability Side of Can Fin Homes

Liability side of Gruh Finance

Looks like market borrowings of both Can FIn and Gruh are pretty high.


Here is the latest Motilal Oswal report on NBFCs, it specifically highlights ALM. For some reason, CANFIN ALM is not mentioned.

MOFSL -NBFC Report Feb 2018.pdf (368.8 KB)

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ALMs - Companies with stronger credit ratings will be impacted, although minimally. Bank borrowings would rise if liquidity becomes an issue. Don’t see much of an issue unless NPAs rise abnormally.

Only stronger ones will perform in a rate upcycle.


Based on the latest “source based” information from CNBC TV18, what would be a realistic date by which bids will be received and Canara bank would make a decision.

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@adityajp @varun037 thanks for these slides. Could you also post any site/file to read on the merits/demerits of each source of borrowing? Thanks.

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Today Canara bank management gave an interview on CNBC TV 18 around 10.10am.
Key takeaways:
can fin home stake sale to be completed by 31-03-2018
bids for the company have opened today officially
expect better price than want market is giving
entire stake to be sold
at least 6 to 7 bids are expected


This was BM’s tweet yesterday. Makes sense if one reads it with the contents of Can Banks TV interview. BM is well known for his liking for Canfin


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BM’s tweet has another hidden meaning. That is Bandhan IPO. So not entirely about Can Fin Homes. That is what I felt. :rofl:

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How is BM connected with Bandhan bank?


It is indeed about Canfin Homes only.


Canara bank expects good valuation for Canfin

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As I said it just my guess. It is as good as everyone of you guessed it as Can Fin Homes. One of us is wrong. W we will come to know about it soon. :joy:

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It is definitely Canfin Homes. BM has been mentioning about a corporate action in his latest TV talks as well. Plus, I know from (trusted but unverified) source that the PMS has bought Canfin again few days back.


:sunglasses: :rofl: :rofl: , it is not just some guess. It is based on reading all his messages in the recent past and syncing it with the news that have come out today. For e.g., Canara bank has officially informed that they are opening the bids today (BM mentioned y’day that the dream will become reality tomorrow - which is today).

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None of us have a say on the outcome. Nor do we know what will be the outcome. So let us wait patiently. While I trust BM’s instincts and have benefited from his teaching on how to look at the market for our advantage, I am not excited as he is.

I am more interested the company doesn’t fall in the wrong hands, particularly some PE’s who have mid term mentality and can wreck the company. Again it is my perception and I may be wrong.


BM is very excited probably because he will get a better price to exit :slight_smile:
But as you mentioned, it would be better if it is bought by a company with a long term vision.

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Assuming it goes into the hands of a safe group, and the price shoots up, my feeling is he will not exit, because the bull run has not reached its last phase at which time the price will shoot up way beyond everyone has imagined. That is when the sundry crowd will be giving you tips on where is the next golden opportunity. That is when he will exit. Because the excitement is still in early stages and has long way to go.

This is what he says in his “cheaply” priced book. :smiley: