Candidates for 25% quality-growth for next 2-3 years

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Hi for my knowledge purpose when the Trade receivable is high, does it not mean the company is expected to get that much money from his customers, if it was the Trade payable of 300 crores would be a sign of worry in my opinion.
Can you through your perspective on how to read/interpret this, I am learning the art of value investing and please do not mind if my questions sounds very naive.

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Payables means I have others’ money. Receivables means others have my money, which they may decide to keep forever, and this happens. It is simple…

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Thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:

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hi @krkarthikeyan and @Agarwala, can u guys please share the ARs, unable to get them.

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I got it from


First of all congrats for giving such a good portfolio.
How good is this portfolio at this point of time?
I analysed this portfolio. Technical part i am not that good. But I just saw the performance of this portfolio, it gave an excellent return for the past one year.
Is it worth buying this portfolio now for long term?


Yes, the portfolio has given good returns. Though intended to keep the portfolio intact for two to three years, i exited the portfolio due to comparatively better opportunities (in my opinion) in the market. I benefited adequately from the portfolio. Over the last year I have built a more aggressive portfolio, comprising mostly of small/nano caps. If I have to list out the stocks fitting into the theme now (31.01.2018 when sensex is 35965 and nifty 11028 before budget), They are

1 Sanghvi Brands. (Price) 135.00
2 Vertoz Advertising. 211.00
3 SillyMonks Entertainment. 159.90
4 Prime Customer Services. 196.00
5 DRA Consultants. 37.90
6 Delta Corp. 346.05
7 Symphony. 1810.80
8 Kingfa. 996.35
Disclosure: I have vested interest in all the stocks

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Hey ramanjaneyulu, thanks. The one year returns of this portfolio were pegged at 68%. Though it’s now down by a few percentage points YTD due to the recent carnage in the small and midcap space.

Though there is some juice left in the portfolio in terms of additional returns (I will be rebalancing it in around 6 months), I would advise against buying into it now. I might post a new 25-30% cagr value stocks PF in the near future.


I assumed the remark is about the portfolio the thread is initiated with and revised in April 2017 (number 24 post in the thread). Please correct me if I am wrong.


It’s OK Nagesh, I actually wrote it for sidshin’s portfolio of 42 stock. Any how I am very glad even your Portfolio is very very good. You deserve a special applause.
I am very happy to be a member of this forum. So that I can seek and benefit from the guidance of experts like you.


Sanghvi Brands seems to be on right track. The company is opening luxury spa and salon in India and abroad.

It seems an acquisition is also on the cards.

Any thoughts on the business model and the scalability?


Silly Monks had good start with Chanakya and bagged a contract for its TV and web rights in China.

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