BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange)- Bet on Financialization?

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They will be coming up with commodities derivatives in October 2018. The same infrastructure will be used, so no additional costs, operating profits should further improve with this new source of revenue.

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Food for thought - With in the last 12 months we have two such incidents - don’t you think many of the large players would consider using BSE as a natural hedge to derisk themselves from these sort of technical glitches ?

Disclaimer: Invested in BSE.


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The below news is interesting:

Mutple factors one may need to look into -

  1. NSE will get listed with out going thru all sort of IPO hassles.
  2. MCX will have to delist from NSE and the combined entity will trade on BSE.
  3. NSE and BSE will have a face off opportunity on commodity trading with NSE starting leaps and bounds ahead.

Now MCX has come with a clarification to BSE - they have not denied the development -
MCX Clarification

Lets see how the story pans out over the days and months ahead.


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Looks like the buy back event is finally coming to an end. As at 6th July 2018 the cumulative amount utilised for Buyback is Rs. 165.25 Crore out of the total earmarked amount of Rs. 166 Crore. The total number of shares bought back is about 2 million which works out to be approximately 3.7% of shares outstanding.
Buyback report - 6th July 2018


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So today should be the last day of the buyback. Will have to check how many shares bought back today (must be lesser than 25,500). Also little concerned on how support is going to be for this counter starting tomorrow!!

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As per BSE circular
“BSE has decided to postpone the split of the BSE startup sub-segment from BSE SME segment. Startups will continue to list on BSE SME segment as usual. These startups will have the option to migrate to BSE startup segment once BSE startup segment is launched…”

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25th July 2018 is the dividend date, a good dividend of Rs 31 per share

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Whats the ex - dividend day ? Buying today will one be eligible ?

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Sorry, you will have to buy 2 days before the ex-dividend date to be eligible for dividend.

Some basic information is available here:

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BSE Investments Limited acquires 24% stake in CDSL Commodity Repository Limited

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Q1FY19 Results are out:

New Development: Company has a 28 cr contingent liability after SEBI inspection. Refer Note 10 on page 5.

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anyone found the transcript of latest quarterly ?

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For the 1st time BSE has been mentioned in colocation saga along with NSE. it’s specified in the 4th whistle blower letter written to SEBI chairman… MCX & BSE are also mentioned for issues related transparency… Not sure how it will effect BSE as a whole. Assume, inwirst case some penalty…?!

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At current levels, the dividend yield itself is close to 5%! Why is market continuously punishing this scrip despite decent results and encouraging signs from the subsidiaries?

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This dividend yield was due to stake divestment and not sustainable.

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I think part of profit is linked to market level (for instance exchage fees collected on trade) which may be volatile, but singificant portion is also stable (like listing fees, data sharing fees). Further, the company payout ratio is around 70%. So there might be some decline in divindend in case market activity decline. But the business is cashflow generating.

Further, there is good amount of liquidity which also indirectly passed on shareholder by exchange buyback effected by the company. I peronsally do not see dividend being one time/special. May be, we may expect around 50-55% payout ratio as against current level of 70% which may be marginal fall, other thing being same. Having said, find enclosed last five years payout ration from BSE June 2018 result presentation.

Discl: I am holding share of the company and my view may be biased. Investor shall do their own due diligence before making any investment decision.

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I’m not so sure of dividend being high due to stake sale. Even last year the total dividend paid out in the year was 28 Rs/Share. Considering that the buyback has been completed now, expecting the dividends to go further up

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Yes Ashish Chauhan in one of his interviews also expressed that BSE will be sharing most of the profits with the shareholders via dividends.

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