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BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange)- Bet on Financialization?

My experience with BSE. Friends I do some trading in BSE and most of the instances I get good price at BSE as compared to NSE. I do not know the reasons for this but simply want to share this with you. May be for trading purpose in Nifty50 stocks there is no liquidity problem. or could be other reason?

Friends and fellow members,

Increasingly find higher level of anxiety due to price movement leading to disucssion which could be avoided. While I respect all great investors and has nothing against any of them and also take close look at their investment, there is no point of following them without detail work from ourside. Otherwise, in US every one would have been Buffet.

So would request all members not to comment only on X is investing and Y is divesting. If we can get details from some interview about what they like in business or chellanges they see in the business, it does make any sense. At every price, there is buyer and seller and hence Price is the supreme god in market in my limited understanding.

We shall respect all, listen to all participants but act on our work which assist in developing in conviction. The test of conviction is in current type adverse environment. Please make this forum more clutterless, clear and concise dealing with business and valuation of issue related to BSE.

Apology for long message and it is not against any fellow individual member but a comment in general.


Visit the above link. This is investor presentation hosted on BSE site (Investors relations).

Refere the slide before the last. This give the list of key share holders.

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Thanks for the information.
Actually I already know that.
I just wanted to confirm it from other sources.
I checked nse india and other my known resources and failed to confirm this.
That’s why I was wondering


Buyback of shares to be completed and shares extinguished latest by Oct. 01, 2019.

I have a Reliance Securities account. Does anyone know how to apply for buyback from there. Thanks in advance.

Contact the broker, they’ll tell.
For my Sharekhan account, I normally ask them to apply for the buyback by forwarding the entitlement mail to them.

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Hi All,
I had some queries regarding buyback as am applying buyback for the first time. I got an email from BSE that i own 100 sharesc(in one of my demat as on that buyback date) and eligible shares for buyback is 12 shares.
So when i tender shares, i need to choose quantity as 12 ? (in buyback screen of HDFC, it asks quantity of shares to tender) or 100 ?

I hold BSE shares in my different demat accounts like zerodha/hdfc and sharekhan. Zerodha has only only one input box (to enter quantity of shares).Sharekhan i understand need to be done offline.

I also read in forum post earlier that retail investor would be given higher percentage while tendering shares (as per emal its 12% for all kind). So this is not true ?

You are allowed to tender all your shares and considering you are holding only 100 shares, the chances of higher acceptance is highly likely.


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To answer your question, (1). Minimum 12 shares would be accepted in your case (2) you can submit more than 12 shares, and you should do it in case it is profitable.
Now, how many more shares (beyond 12) being accepted would depend on overall submission by shareholders vs. shares to be bought back. This calculation is category wise, and in most cases, retail investors get higher acceptance ratios in buy backs.
Disc. No holding

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Is there provision to submit buyback application online for Zerodha? If so can you plz help with information where should I look for the same in their Kite application.

For ICICIDirect, I am aware that there is provision for online submission. But since Buyback is yet to start, we don’t have it in the icicidirect website so far. Am I correct on this?

For Zerodha : find below link

yes i think they will put up the link once the buyback window starts

BSE will start trading weekly stock futures and options in all stocks eligible in derivatives from September 19,2019 onwards. BSE will be the only exchange currently offering these contracts. ICCL and NCL, both clearing corporations will provide clearing facilities to these contract under inter operability framework.

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Can this attract enough trading volume to make significant impact for BSE?
Any thoughts on this move from senior boarders?

this is the 2nd such more to increase eq deriv volumes. first being the LES announced a couple of weeks back here

this has happened in the past too. and you will see a clear pattern here:

the question is - if this time its different. with the inter-op between clearing houses there is certainly some hope. but i suspect it might take a couple of years to know for sure.

So far it looks like only BSE will have weekly expiry on equity stocks… I have searched through and I couldn’t find any NSE notification for that… BSE has a better tech and better response time ( Its at least 10 times faster). This wasn’t the case in their previous attempts. Its an interesting development… Only time will tell us if it will grow and if its sustainable.

Why BSE management do not hold BSE shares? If an investor see BSE as value buy today, BSE management could see the same much more closely. I can see BSE doing lot of work to compete and flourish, but that should ideally show up with management holding stake in it, which is not the case now. Any thoughts?

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BSE stock buy back closes on 16th Sept. Buy back price Rs.680.
I have offered all my shares , hoping they will accept 20 % plus of shares.