Bodal Chemical Ltd

(Aditya Mehta) #151

any updates on this counter…?
Stock hitting 52 week low everyday despite strong cash flows and expansion ahead.
Price movement of H-ACID and vinyl sulphone?

China’s Dyes production coming back to normal doesn’t seem to be possibility as far as their pollution levels are concerned.

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Bodal chem. Interview

(harjotsingh87) #153

ICICI Direct changed the target from 225 to 150, with new capacity expansion and correction in price, I think stock offer good investment opportunity.

DIsc- 50% Invested from lower levels and rest added in last one week.

(nil_71) #154

People invested in Bodal , need to wait for 2-3 Qtrs. CFO has given one interview in Bloombergquint.Clearly mentioned, it will take 3-4 Qtrs to get better ROI from all the investments

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update on prices movement of H acid and Vinyl sulphone.

(asarun) #156

“Core business on track, headwinds for diversification”, says moneycontrol -

Doesn’t make for a cheery prognosis, unfortunately. I am resigned to this stock going nowhere for quite
a while. Quite possible it may fall further, I guess.

(Aditya Mehta) #158

Why is it that Peers like Shree pushkar, Bhageria ind. are trading at approx. 2x of their revenues as compared to bodal’s 1.2x?
N is it bcoz of execution delay n de-growth in revenues n margins that the stock has taken beating in last quarter?bodal

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This correction seems to be an opportunity for long term investors.

(SMondal15) #160

This land acquisition is for future project.Management discussed about it in Q3 earning call.Board has approved 100 cr for land.The project should not be in Dye and Dye intermediates industr.It will be in some other chemical segment.Will listen to commentry on q4 concall where Bodal want to venture out.

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Another disclosure Suresh J Patel (Chairman) bought 35500 shares on 9th May.

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(Aditya Mehta) #164

Ankit S Patel acquired 3,14,798 Shares from open market
and Suresh J Patel acquired 1,10,081 shares.

Total shares acquired between 08/05/18 to 11/05/18 - 4,65,379
Promoter Holding increased to 55.31%
Note : All these acquisitions are done prior to closure of trading window

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(Manish Chauhan) #166

Another purchase of 297426 shares by Mr. Suresh Patel yesterday.

(Aditya Mehta) #167

Another on 76,125 shares acquired by Mr. Suresh J Patel on 15-05-18
So total promoter shareholding is up by 0.68%.

(Aditya Mehta) #168

Vinyl Sulphone prices 20 days ago were around Rs.240/kg now hovering around 340/kg
H acid prices were 360/kg now around 760/kg

Revenue contribution :
H-acid - 20%
Vinyl Sulphone - 25%

Mayur Padhya Interview with Niraj Shah

(Nitin) #169

Some news report about the closure or suspension of production in China:

Looks like the Indian chemical industry will continue to have a good run.

(Rudresh) #170

How come their CFO was always more than NP all through the past decade even when they are under Monitoring window?

(axiskumar) #171

Hi Rudresh please explain what is NP…not able to understand your query

(Rudresh) #172

I meant Net profit vs Cash Flow from Operations