Bhansali Engineering Polymers - An Import Substitution Story!

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Yes, as last quarter they did 200cr plus ~350 Cr for next 3 quarters gives 1250 Cr. adding 100 Cr assuming performance could be bettered by mgmt we can come up with 1350.

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Last qtr they worked for 1.5months only and did 200cr. So if they work for a full qtr, how much would that be? That is simple mathematics.

Besides, do you know that Q3 is the festive qtr?

There should be some logic to assumptions too. Just being conservative for the sake of it doesn’t give a realistic picture.

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Jointly owned by renowned chemical manufacturers Sumitomo Chemical and Mitsui Chemicals, Nippon A&L is strengthening its supply chain network that spans Asia and North America. It has factories in Japan and a joint venture for plastic compounding and sales offices in mainland China and Hong Kong. Nippon A&L operates in Thailand and other Asean markets through a joint venture with IRPC, and has built a solid client base in India via a joint venture with Bhansali Engineering Polymers.

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Bhansali has reported Q2 number. Sales growth in value term is encouraging 350 cr vs Q1 of 201 cr. EPS IS flat qoq at 1.02. Company has 11cr of forex loss due to strenthening of dollar against rupee.

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Revenue growth is remarkable, I guess it touched record high this quarter in company history(correct me if I am wrong please). Want to understsnd this 11cr forex loss you mentioned. Where to look at the result for this? Could you please explian, I did not find it.

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It is point number 7 in the Notes


ac2e6e08-cd94-49a4-a806-267e739ef83b.pdf (2.2 MB)

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Looks like company paid too much in order to save 1.5-2% cost to bank!

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The gross margins are down to 20% from 28% YoY and 27.5% QoQ. It looks like they are not able to pass on the increase in RM costs due to rise in crude.

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Increase in crude as well as depreciation of Rupee - both have hit in this qtr. But they have very well survived such severe onslaught. They work on cost plus model and therefore should be able to recover increased cost in subsequent qtrs.

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Continuous increase of shareholding by Mutual funds are a good sign and showing trust on Management and business pattern. Which clearly showing in topline growth. How mngmnt will tackle the bottomline due to crude price and dollar strength that is a vital thing to look forward.

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Crude and dollar loss will be passed on to the customer and will be seen from the next quarter…on top of that management already said that revenue will be 400 cr plus in this qtr so drastc rise in bottomline can be seen from next quarter…

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Incidentally- one of the biggest strength of Bhansali is that it is debt free. So no interest rate hike risk and no possibility of default like ILFS and many others.

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BEPL is coming under high growth potential stock based on recent quarter result and financial status.

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Which is the other one that is blacked out. Any reason for blacking it out.


Can you please provide the source for this?


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Not related to this discussion thread, it should be off topic so hidden from discussion. No other reason.

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Total income up 40% from Rs.250 cr in Q-Sep-17 to Rs.350 cr in Q-Sep-18.
PAT down from Rs.24.77 cr in Q-Sep-17 to Rs.16.76 cr in Q-Sep-18

Rs.11 cr forex losses in the Q-Sep-18.
Huge jump in material costs (Cost of Materials, Stock in trade and change in inventory) from Rs.178 cr in Q-Sep-17 to Rs.280 cr in Q-Sep-18

ac2e6e08-cd94-49a4-a806-267e739ef83b.pdf (2.2 MB)

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32% fall in PAT Y-OY

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Main concern is whether they are able to pass on the price to customer or not… As far as I remember, Management has said in past that they are able to do it

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Acrylonitrile price is varying this way ,Its an imported product so import price was 154 Rs/KG at june end and on Sept end it was 175/KG. currently the price is trading in Indian market around 162/Kg.this is the major Petrochem component of abs plastic. So any price variation in this component will hit the ABS price most.

Styrene Monomer(SM) was at june end 102 Rs/Kg and shoot upto 111 Rs/Kg in Sept end. Now trades at 107 Rs/Kg.

ABS and SAN price was trading higher till Sept end and cooled down now… ABS is trading around 150-165 Rs/Kg. Remember ABS has multiple grade and thousands of color very difficult to say price of different grade. Also this are spot price not sure about the contract price of Bhansali.

Idea is to display the variation in recent past. Product have different grade,ex-port price ,retail market price etc…