Bhansali Engineering Polymers - An Import Substitution Story!

(Amit Mehta) #354

Plus the number of shares bought is quite small which wouldn’t move the needle for them. I would consider this more as a way to create positive sentiment in the stock when the share price is under stress.

Disclosure - hold tracking position. Booked profits at close to the current share price

(almantri) #355

I don’t have exact amount but shares were pledged at quite less value than current market price as its old. So promoters don’t have to shell out lot of money to release them. Its just they want to buy more than releasing pledge. It’s totally my understanding and can be a biased view as I’m invested currently.

(ASP) #356

Promoter want to get benefits from future Price and Dividends, hence pledge stock is not revoked and More stock is added.

(ukdube) #357

The balance sheet has deleveraged significantly and the promoters intend to use the cash flows
to unpledge their shares by March 18

(Hardik) #358

Balance sheet deleveraged as on which date?

As on 30 Sep 2017, it deteriorated.

(Agarwala) #359

I have exited my positions in BEPL because of LTCG related issues, and because I feel that the market is now flush with better opportunities. I may decide to enter BEPL at a later date again, and I feel that the story remains intact.

(skhanbir) #360

Upper circuit again at 169. Looks this is consolidating at 165/175 range.

(skhanbir) #361

Were there any shares un-pledged?
Where to see the information on pledging of shares and at what value the shares were pledged?

(Agarwala) #362

For the first time during run-up the stock is trading below the cloud

(Suneel) #363

What can be interpreted from this?

(Agarwala) #364

Cloud acts as a resistance and support for the prices. More the thickness of the cloud, lesser are the chances of prices penetrating the cloud. By this logic prices of BEPL penetrating the cloud in the near term are minimal, but this can happen in the second half of March.