Bajaj Finance Limited

(Abhishek Basumallick) #142

Good set of results from Q3 FY17 given the circumstances

(Mukesh Tolani) #143

Right Abhishek.

I had expected a temporary negative impact on sales / disbursals & collections this quarter due to demonetisation.

The company can surely come out more strongly in the future quarters to follow.

(nil_71) #144

I attended the conf. call. Really good and confident vibe and the best thing is ‘we are committed to give 25% growth in profit’ to our shareholders

(saurabh shankar) #145

Anybody having link to their investor presentation?

(hbpank) #146

Is there any Dividend ?
So far Bajaj Finance is not very very Good at the Dividend payment.

(nil_71) #147

Please download from bse site

(Mukesh Tolani) #148


Dear Saurabh,

Please find mentioned below the investor presentation link of Bajaj Finance.

(vinoths) #150

Hi All,

How do we see the growth for Bajaj Finance for next 3 to 5 years? Can this be still good candidate for 30% returns year-on-year. I have compiled my current thoughts (possible mute in the growth) and please suggest your views.

a) Increased competition from peers - Good companies like Capital First similar business model
b) Structural changes in India (Demonetisation implications, digital etc.)


(manomagg3) #151

Last week I was in Croma and Reliance Digital Store, while earlier there used to be only Bajaj finance representative for loan , now I saw 4 of them sitting beside, ( Capital First, Bajaj, Tata Capital and Capital first)
of course the growth of this segment for Bajaj Finance will be impacted,
any comments from people who are invested in this stock,
I also believe that Bajaj Finance is working on various other streams to grow and should not get impacted too much because of competition in this segment.

(rajput.delhi) #152

You mentioned CFL twice. CFL has been in this segment for a few yrs now but hasn’t been able to pose any big challenge to BFL. TCL is there bcoz Croma is from Tata house else on their own they don’t seem to have any significant competence to challenge BFL elsewhere.

Besides, CFL has its hands full chasing growth in SME segment and Tata Capital can be ignored.

If one wants to worry about anything wrt BFL’s competition, then worry about card companies (credit card, etc).

Invested and hugely biased :slight_smile:

(manomagg3) #153

Rajput you are right wanted to mention HDFC Bank
also invested and biased

(ankitkabra) #154

To answer your Question on Competition and changing dynamics -
Bajaj Finance (BAF) - Mgmt is extremely nimble footed and there are so many instances wherein they have demonstrated their grip on mkts and trends. Running down businesses which aren’t doing well, adding newer franchises like EIM cards and getting visibility in stores, to name a few.
I truly feel its a more of technology company and less of finance company.

Hope it clears some airs :wink:

Disclaimer: invested

(nil_71) #155

There is a significant recruitment happening from Bajaj Finance focusing on Analytics.

(ankitkabra) #156

I am sure they would be.

(rajput.delhi) #157

Now, this could be a significant competitive advantage for Bajaj Finance if they are CONSISTENTLY able to offer lower EMIs than all credit cards as can be seen from the attached (Amazon 3-day sale). I haven’t checked other product categories but I would guess the offering would be the same.


(unmesh) #158

Bajaj Finance Slashes Home Loan Interest Rate to 8.50 Percent in its Limited Period Offer

(Abhishek Basumallick) #159

Home loan market is becoming a very competitive market with every other bank, NBFC targetting the segment. This is a space which neds to be closely monitored, even though the opportunity size is very large in India.

(Ankchandak) #160

Exactly. Retaining customers would be going to be very tough here. Customers would look for balance transfers whoever is giving them cheaper rates.

(Yogesh Sane) #161

HDFC, LIC and SBI are the trend setters in home loan rates. Two days ago SBI cut rates and LIC followed. HDFC might follow soon. Others will not have a choice but to follow. Even at lower rates, these companies will be hugely profitable as their cost of funds is also dropping. So far they appear to be cautious in driving down rates making sure their NIMs are not hurt. Lower rates will only increase demand.

(jshah17umd) #162

It is a myth that lower interest rates increases housing demand. No one makes a decision to buy house because the rates went down from 10% to 8.5%.
Demand will increase if income increases and people will have visibility of paying the EMIs. Housing demand also depends on demographics.