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It is only from 3% to Zero. Will it matter much ?

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Won’t this cause the India Soybean prices to climb as demand will increase?

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Avanti_IC_Jun18.pdf (283.3 KB)

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Avanti board approved bonus shares today

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Do you guys think there’ll be an impact on US Shrimp imports from India due to sanctions likely to be placed on India for importing Oil from Iran, now that India is widely expected to not take Trump’s November 4th deadline seriously?


(manivannan.g) #1614

India already in plans to cut its oil import from Iran, check latest developments.

(Darkwanderer79) #1616

Not only that, India may also withdraw the counter tariffs which it had imposed on 29 items in retaliation to the import tariffs which US had imposed on steel and aluminium

(Amit Bhalotia) #1617

I believe it is not yet decided whether India will toe the US line fully although Government has told to be prepared for no oil from Iran.
Either way it’s a headwind for sure on the overall macro environment.

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Not really. I just guessed that you might be looking to sell the avanti shares because you are worried about them not showing up in your broker’s site yet. Someone who is not planning on exiting right now would generally not be too worried about it.

Also there must be two messages from CDSL, one for the split and one for the bonus. Are you sure you received the sms for the bonus shares and not checking the split one?

@Hocuspocus32: One month?!!! Thats quite long to just credit bonus shares to demat accounts. Anyway, I guess it is what it is.

(Gaurav Agarwal) #1627

Why this should take one month? SEBI is trying to reduce the time for IPO and crediting of bonus shares will take 1 month.

This is not acceptable. We should contact investors relation of the company and ask them, how long will they take to credit the bonus shares. If they are taking one month, we should immediately approach SEBI. They cannot take investors for ride.

(Manish Vachhani) #1629

All are warned for cluttering the thread with petty issue of bonus shares not received. This issue has to be raised with the broker or one may write to the company or raise the issue with SEBI. Everyone putting one liner comments that they have not received bonus shares is unwanted.

(Rudresh) #1630

Nutreco undertaking JV with Westcoast for 1 lac ton feed production might put further pressure on the stock.

(timedimpulse) #1631

Aries Agro has also recently entered feed production. Competition is intensifying. I think Avanti’s huge cash pile is an advantage in this business, as feed is provided to farmers on credit.

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From http://ariesagro.com/fisheries-animal-nutrition/ Aries seems to be into supplementary feeds for Aquaculture and not the ‘primary feed’ like Avanti.

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One way to look at this would be, they i.e. WestCost and Nutreco are positive about the future of the Shrimp sector as a whole since they are planning new investment in current conditions.

(kumarshah) #1634

Soyabean MSP hiked by approx. 12%. Does this affect Avanti Feeds or they procure directly from farmers?

(donbox5) #1635

I doubt they buy directly from farmers because Shrimp feed uses soya meal as the raw material.
Soya meal is basically the residue left after oil extraction from soyabeans.

I guess if the price of soya increases, so may the price of soya meal too.