Automated Stock Analyzer

(Pattabiraman M) #64

Please explain the error in detail

(Abhay Amrite) #65

That error is resolved. Now I am getting run time error 9

(arorasonia231) #66

I am facing some issues in using it. Can you help me out ?

(Pattabiraman M) #67

Please describe the issue here clearly

(arorasonia231) #68

I tried using the xls. I am able to get the screener stuff running. But the moneycontrol part is not working. If i paste the URL as mentioned in cell A16 and click get Data, it waits for 1 minute but no data is downloaded and all the subsecuent sheet remains unfilled.
Plz help if i am missing something.
If possible, you can mail me on [email protected] i will try to explain problem in more details if this explanation is not enough

(Pattabiraman M) #69

Please ensure that you are using the latest version: Automated Earnings Power Stock Analysis With data
If you still get this problem, there is a small fix to be done. Let me know.

(arorasonia231) #70

With this version also i am getting same issue as i mentioned earlier. Plz assist me to resolve it. Thx

(Pattabiraman M) #71

Please let me know the stock you tried. The macro itself is working - i just checked now.

(arorasonia231) #72

I used many “Maruti” Kajaria etc…same thing happens for every.

I paste something like below in A16 row:

(Pattabiraman M) #73

step 1; type avanti
step 2: choose avanti feeds
step 3: choose B
Then click “get data”. Works fine for me.
Kajaria Ceramic also worked the same way. If you are not able to get the stock code automatically.

In the moneycontrol url look for the sc_id=AF21 (from your eg.). You can enter AF21 in cell F19. This will work for any stock