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Seems like there is something wrong with company and market knows it. Alas for small investors things aren’t public yet.

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I have a decent exposure in Aurobindo and still fell that this is one of the better companies to invest in.

The stock has been bought by more schemes than actually sold. Also the fundamentals seem strong. There is of course always the issue of US markets but that is not specific to Aurobindo.

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Aurobindo gets final USFDA approval for gReyataz

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Is the pharma rally for real?

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Why are people depressed about this stock when among its peers, its least affected by US FDA regulations ? On the contrary, commentary on aurobindo is mostly positive.

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Is the recent depreciation in rupee that is helping the recent surge in Aurobindo or there are other reasons. I have been reading about the acquisitions of course but that has been going on for some time now.


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