Associated alcholols & breweries ltd

(shikhar mundra) #82

good results

Revenue of 99.1 cr vs 86.61 cr ( yoy)
PAT of 11.46 cr vs 7.38 cr( yoy)

(Gorthi) #83

Is recent decision of increasing of the ethonal bleanding will be positive to thiscompany??

(simplyraghav) #84

In AR 17-18, company has mentioned about the IT raids and their full cooperation. However, I am not able to find any remarks or actions taken by IT dept after the raids, only speculative articles are available on the web. Please post if anyone has more info on the same.

Disc.: I am learning investing and you all have helped immensely.

(maheshs) #85

Hi @Advait,
As per this video by MD, they were going to start new capacity expansion in the month of June 2018. Do you find any news regarding the same?
is new capacity operational?

(Raj A A) #86

I read somewhere, I am not able to pinpoint the source.

The capacity expansion from 30 Mn Lit to 45 Mn Lit is delayed by a month and expected to be commissioned by Sep 2018.

We have to await the company announcement on the actual commissioning date.

(karan5987) #87

So investor Dolly Khanna has exited the stock. Wonder why, when fundamentals are decent!

(krrish seth) #88

He might sense better opportunity elsewhere

(kartik srinivasan) #89

Guys, I am sure this has been highlighted before but just have a look at the related party transactions (RPT) for the past three years. It seems to be a very large percentage of the Net profits. Mr. Tushar (Director) on the other hand is receiving a small portion of the profits (24.912 lakhs). Please find the table below for your reference.
I emailed the company but unfortunately got no response. Could somebody find this out?
The money should be used for reinvesting or Shareholder dividends. Its a bit concerning.

|Year |2016|2017|2018|
|Net profits (Cr) |14.29|16.91|25.19|
|RPT with KMP (Cr) | 6.11| 7.5| 9.46|
|RPT as % of Net profit | 43%| 44%| 38%|