Associated alcholols & breweries ltd

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2017 AR is a good read -

The company is more than doubling its distillery capacity from 3 to 7 cr litres per annum. But that will be fully on stream in 2020-2021. Looks like sales will be muted till then as seen from 2015 - 2017.
Views are welcome.

Disc: Exited last year. Thinking of re-entering but concerned that the stock may not do much until new capacity is up and running.

(Ravindra Mutyala) #63

Is this news true?

(kartiks) #64

Seems true, it is published in Times of India also.

(nerolu_praveen) #65

But stock is up 15 % today… wondering… Can this happen in any kind of market … bear or bull…

(rvetri) #66

The buyer would have got his quantities today… Bad day and good selling…
That is strategy of buyers in large volumes…

(nerolu_praveen) #67

Means ? Paid article to buy 1L shares ?? They what happens to the credibility of the promoter and company ??

(rvetri) #68

No No…There are some buyers who want to buy in large quantities will buy
them on bad news…In their view, if the bad news is of transient nature, it
is an opportunity. On normal days, if they had to buy such quantities, the
stock will be in UC when they buy just one or two thousand shares.

(nerolu_praveen) #69

Thanks rvetri… actually the allegations made in the article like using 35 shell companies for money laundering, 13 Cr unaccounted cash deposited during demon, 1Cr disclosed under PM Garib Kalyan Yojna under black money act are very serious. Still can’t imagine it as a transient issue. Promoter integrity is of paramount imp in any Investment right.

(rvetri) #70

It may be a serious allegation, and it has to be proved. But the buyer does
not think so…:innocent:

(kartiks) #71

Q2FY18 result postpone

(nerolu_praveen) #72

Q2 postponed until further notice… Interesting…

(indirachitra) #73

as a starter of this thread i would like to inform fellow retial investors to excise caution in this counter until further clarificaton comes. there is a clear case of money laundering unearthed during the kolkatta income tax raid.
exxcise caution.

(harshb232) #74

Is there any follow-up about the income tax raids. Also did anyone attended the investor and analyst meet. Will be highly grateful if someone can share the transcripts of the meet. Further I could not ffind the companies website. Does anyone have an idea why it isnt there?

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Associated Alcohol and Breweries Ltd is the latest stock pick of Dolly Khanna.

Dolly Khanna holds 1.04 percent stake equal to 1,87,279 shares of Associated Alcohols as of 31st March 2018. (source: bse)

(ishandutta2007) #76

Pioneer Distilleries gave awesome results on back of government grant of Rs 481 millions last quarter. Does anyone understand what this grant was for and wheather such similar impact is going to be seen in other alchohol companies?

(starman) #77

This grant is by Maharashtra govt as VAT refunds. Not for all companies. Read below article for more details.

(ASPN) #78

I gave this stock a pass in the past because preliminary investigation suggests its a contract manufacturer of IMFL brands of other well established players. But it again came on radar with the recent entry of Dolly Khanna in the company. Why would the Khanna’s be interested in a contract manufacturer? Below video of the management might change perception:

Silent points:
=Business segments - (a) Mfg of ENA, (b) Contract Mfg for USL, Pernord etc, ( c) Mfg of own premium IMFL brands. The break up was not revealed.
=Present capacity 31.4 Million Lit
=Planned expansion 90 Million Lit
=In the first phase, capacity will be increased to 45 Million Lit by June this year
=Next phase will start after a year or so, post stabilization of newly expanded capacity
=Turnover is stagnant at ~ Rs.300 Cr since last 3 years. But the TO for 9M Dec17 is 247 Cr.
=They have taken franchise business of USL for MP (mfg and distribution of premium brands of USL). That will add about 100Cr extra in FY19. Also the increased capacity will start contributing from current FY.
=Capacity utilization from last 3 yrs ~ 100%. Projected to close FY19 with sales of 450 Cr.

Disc: Tracking.

(Apurva Shah) #79

Can someone give me clarity on no excise duty paid by the company? If I look at random liquor companies excise duty may vary from 30-60% based on brands, category etc. but in case of Associated could not found any particular reason for no excise duty.

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The current molasses price will give it the much needed jump in q4


Pioneer distillery a subsidiary of USL(Diageo) is also making ENA then why USL takes ENA from associated alcohol?

Any details for 35 shell companies for money laundering?