Amulya Leasing- Apollo Pipe Story

(ramdhawad) #126

Thank you. Yes, reading again it mentions in the fine print that these are all plastics faucets.
Still point being, from being a PVC / CPVC pipe manufacturer, they are getting in to bathroom fittings. Are they going to manufacture it or simply buy and brand it as APL Apollo ? These should require a different expertise and set up to manufacture vs a pipe. What’s the rationale?

(Growth_without Debt) #127

Chrome plated plastic faucet market is dominated by Chinese and unorganized see sectors. There is no moat . People who afford good faucet they always go for metal as plastic in bathroom is considered as cheap status

(ankush raghuvanshi) #128

Trying to find its dealers and presence in retail. Cannot locate in UP. Major cities not covered. Any idea/update on it?