Amulya Leasing- Apollo Pipe Story

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Here is promoter’s integrity in question or Not?

These promoters sold when price was at peak and now again bought through warrant !

Jan 08, 2018 Apollo Pipes Ltd Sell Market 182,000 688.20 1,252.52
Jan 05, 2018 Meenakshi Gupta Sell Market 386,654 708.90 2,740.99
Jan 05, 2018 Neera Gupta Sell Market 322,800 708.90 2,288.33
Jan 05, 2018 Saroj Rani Gupta Sell Market 21,520 708.90 152.56

Be caution about such action by Promoters …in future also they might play “PUMP and DUMP” !
why they sold earlier at price about 700 - Are they short of money? If yes, they why they are buying again at 590?

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Probably they didn’t expect markets to fall
The wanted money for expansion
They came with an ingenious way to do it
Sell your shares in the market and then do a preferrrential issue
I think it’s ingenious instead of going through a fresh issue with outsiders!
In the end they probably will open the same percentage and the company will have funds for expansion
The fact that markets crashed is not really their fault

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Please check posts 86 to 92, this has been discussed, they sold to other investors and given loan to company

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FY19 Q2:

Good set of numbers

Investor presentation: