Ambika Cotton Mills

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I disagree. Though i too do not know about the actual SEBI rules but going with my reason , such disclosures should be avoided. It can be used as a means to manipulate the prices.

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Manipulation happens when there is a leakage and leakage happens when information is shared with a selective group not publicly disclosed. I don’t think I can explain in more simpler terms n it is more of interpretation the way one wants to interpret. Also, governance is something where one needs to look at multiple signals n take a call. However, you ve all right to make judgement out of interpretation n respect it. Regarding , good or bad sector, as per good to great by Jim Collins , more than half of the companies figuring in good to great list were not from the best of industries but very mediocre industry . However , I won’t even get into this debate if one has not studied the company in detail n let it be our personal choices and respect it. Thanks

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I got it. Though not exactly manipulation but my reason does not justify such disclosures well before the quarterly filings. Anyway let’s end this here till you get a reply from the company regarding such practice which in my opinion can be avoided.

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I agree with @suru27 on management quality. Most management would take home all that is allowed as per norms. There were years where Mr Chandran was not drawing any salary. And any information shared on a public platform and at the same time made available on exchange should not be seen as malicious.

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I have not said anything wrong on the part of management. In fact it is hard for some one to fill Mr Chandran shoes in future. He has build this company with pure hard work and devotion. I only said that such disclosures can be avoided considering the best governance practices. What if they do not tell those details in AGM and only emphasized on the last financial year and Quarter 1 numbers. Though publicly available to all , but I believe that this prior discussion before the official declaration of returns to exchanges may have an impact on price movement before results as many will calculate the approx bottom line and can be seen (in bad light) as a step by management to reduce the current fall in market price of the company Shares.

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AGM is an official gathering of shareholders and proceedings are legal when there is quorum. Again Management declaration of numbers in the AGM could not be construed as unethical. Quarterly filing is mandatory but does not prevent management to give a press release about their performance in between mandatory filings.Shareholders will be in advantageous position by this kind of disclosures is not correct as they are stakeholders and have a right to know the company’s performance at any time of the year. There are many instances where the top management has disclosed info in AGM .(Remember : Dhirubhai Ambani has declared 1:1 bonus on those days in the AGM prior to disclosures to the exchange.).


This is completely wrong to disclose quarterly revenue in AGM. The gathering is mostly to discuss their strategy and vision with shareholders and address any complains if any. What was the purpose of this disclosure when the numbers are not audited. This shows weak understanding of regulations if not grossly unethical. Why not a exchange filing? do all shareholders get to attend AGM?

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Just adding to discussion .
Yes bank just released its un-audited quaterly results.See the link below

So I think it is allowed by sebi.
If its a good management practice is up to each persons interpretation

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Each one has a way to value a company . This company has shown good gr , has been debt free but it still will get influenced by sector characteristics in bear market

So simple way to look at any stock is to see how much a stock can fall in bad times from its peak

In case of Ambika cotton 2007 to 2009 - this stock fell from Rs 320 odd to Rs 40 odd – so if you look at recent high of Rs 1600 it can max fall to 180 / 200 - and if you are ok to hold through these times , you should not bother about current prices as long term as many has said it will do well …

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Yes, it appears so.

“Yes Bank officials told Moneycontrol that the disclosure of Q2 numbers, ahead of the official declaration of earnings, is not in violation of SEBI norms.”

I agree.

In my opinion, declaring it during AGM is not advisable since, as someone rightly mentioned, people who attend the AGM will be able to act on information which others don’t have access to until the post-AGM disclosure is made to the exchanges.

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Latest credit rating report -

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Thanks for the update.

The last credit report from CRISIL seem to have been released on August 24th

Both reports look identical.

How often do they release these credit reports?

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How much would the rupee depreciation affect ambika’s profit since it exports most of it’s output. Do they do currency hedging?


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My impression Limited pricing power so gain will be one off on inventories & will come probably in the next two quarter results.

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