Aksh Optifibre fundamental analysis

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Den networks giving pref shares to Goldman Sachs to raise funds…

“Dawar said the funds raised through the issue will be used towards expansion of the broadband business and to pare debt”

IMHO the next few years will see boom in the broadband space similar to what we saw in the mobile telephoney from 2002 till now.

Demand for optic fibres has just started moving up and there is a long long way to go. Aksh which has about 18% of the world market share in frp rods will benefit the maximum because not only will it supply the finished product but the raw material as well to several companies who might win the orders.

This is the Golden period for Aksh and hope we all as investors benefit from the surge in demand and consequently the share price as well

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Some errors identified, so withdrawing the earlier post.

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Similar news with optical fibre mentioned…

He admits it’s not an easy task but he has set a firm deadline to achieve it - end of 2018. The biggest challenge is to take the network to all villages, catering to the 113 million people in Maharashtra. As one of the many solutions to achieve his goal, he plans to use the electricity poles to help spread the tentacles of optic fibre network across his state.

Read more at:

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Another optical fibre project approved.

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The story is Getting better day after day

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Guys, India is growing and so does most of the industries in India. News Links which you guys are sharing are good but it doesn’t quantify how much portion or percentage Aksh will get out of it. Can we restrict ourselves to share news related only to Aksh in this forum or if some big news is shared then what it implies for Aksh in numbers.?

I am new to VP and don’t know if sharing general news is norm in other discussions also.So, pardon me if my thinking is not apt.

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Himan: look at it the other way round…since so much demand for optical fibre cables is being generated, which companies are in position to cater to this additional demand…

Only Aksh optifibre has gone for such massive capacity expansion. While the management of Birla ericsson and Vindhya were talking of there being excess capacity in optical fibres segment.

The question that was being asked was, as Aksh is going for huge capqcity expansion, is there enough demand for optical cable?

These general posts answer that question …yes there is huge demand for optical fiber cables…

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And to answer your question specifically…i estimate that in this fy 2016-17 aksh will do a topline of around 500 crores…and next year as new capacity comes on stream, Aksh turnover can rise to around 700-800 crores…

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"Sterlite to invest Rs 400cr to up optic fibre capacity to 30 million km
National Optical Fibre Network (NOFN) or BharatNet, which forms the backbone of the Digital India initiative, seeks to connect 2.5 lakh gram panchayats with high speed broadband by December 2017."

So it seems sterlite is also expanding. Can anyone let us know how much is the current capacity of aksh (in million kilometres)?

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Its old news. At least 01 year.

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It’s an year old news but it not that the capacity immediately increases as soon as you decide to invest.

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Aksh present capacity is 1 million kilometers…including the capacity set up in middle east…

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Sterlite plans capacity increase from 22m to 30m kms by spending 400 cr.
Aksh plans capacity increase from 1m to 2m kms (twice) by spending 95 cr.

Would it be correct to say Aksh is spending almost twice the money for adding a million kilometre capacity?

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Capacity increase is across three streams…FRP rods, OPtical fibres and Optical fiber cables…it depends upon the proportion of each segment for quantum of capacity expansion…so both are not comparable …unless we know the breakup of Sterlite technologies…

Aksh is increasing capacity in the following percentages;

FRP rods 200%
optical fibre 100%
Cable (optical fibre) 50%…

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Last question, do we have the breakup of Sales (how much comes from optical fibre, frp rod , the cable etc)?

I was looking on alibaba.com , optical fibre cables were selling at $50 per km by a couple of sellers. So if that’s the price and assuming aksh is selling 1million km per year, $50 million=330 cr sales should have come from optical fibre cables.

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Yes…as per annual report its around 330 crores for optical fibers and cables and 120 crores from FRP rods…

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Guys, as I have written earlier…I am quite satisfied with the fundamentals of Aksh and therefore I would prefer to monitor the progress of Aksh mostly through Technical analysis…and I have also written that I prefer to do broad picture analysis rather than microscopic examination of various details…

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Firstly I would like to thank all the hardworking contributors who are helping novice newbies like me.

I am bit surprised that no one has yet discussed about this

Aksh Optifibre down 8% on winding up petition issue in HC
"High Court of Rajasthan has admitted a winding up petition against the company, being corporate guarantor, for the alleged / disputed liability of its subsidiary," the company said in its filing.

DISC- I used to hold aksh in 2015. But sold entire holdings the same year. Still interested

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Debt has been considerably reduced in FY2016 compared to FY 2015. This can be one of the reason why no follow-up communication is available in Public domain after the one highlighted by v31.
Do other members have any other information? According to me its not a big issue at present.