Aksh Optifibre fundamental analysis

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Or a simpler explanation might be they were caught off guard by the increase in preform prices

They will need better inventory management going forward to take advantage of sector tailwinds. This is where Aksh’s possible diworseifcations into services, LED bulbs, lenses becomes a concern. Do they have the eye on the ball completely?

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Why do they not want the retail investors to buy the stock at the present price?

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The price has been falling steadily. Does any one know the reasons?

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@Mehnazfatima, Is your opinion about this stock still the same?

Disclosure: I am holding the shares of this stock.

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I have added a bit more of Aksh in the present fall…I think its still a game of patience…

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Technical update

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Aksh had a rough Q3 result. Board meeting is due on 22nd May for q4 announcement. If I remember correctly, Q3 had a one-off cost which dragged profits. In the meantime, Sterlite has been doing pretty good both in terms of numbers and market performance.

What is the expectation on q4 numbers from Aksh?

Disc: Holding since lower levels.

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Q4 results too may not turn out to be good. Topline may increase but the eps will continue to remain unimpressive. The capacity expansion is expected to be completed by the end of Q4, so expecting an announcement from the mngt in this regard. It may take one or two more quarters for Aksh to show good eps. Till then it may continue to be rangebound…unless the promoters / operators decide otherwise and start pumping up the stock price.

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Any updates post the results?

Cant find much positives in the results

(Mehnazfatima) #233

yes…not much positive in the result…in fact quite disappointing. The topline is growing well, but the bottomline performance continues to be abysmal. The services segment losses are a big burden on the company. Last year the loss from services segment was 5.65 crores and this has risen to around 10 crores in the present year. The Dubai unit too continues to be in loss…it has proved to be a drain on Aksh resources.

In the AGM, Mr Gupta had assured that the One stop Aksh (e kiosks) had started generating positive income and also assured that the Dubai unit too would turn profitable. But contrary to his assurances, both continued to make loss.

Further, the profit from manufacturing too got reduced.

On the whole, a bad result. Less debt is the only saving grace now. Nothing else seem to be going right in Aksh…Promoters sell in open market …

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I find the results highly disappointing. I think market offers much better predictable opportunities. Can not live on just hope for ever.

Disc : sold all holding this morning and booked heavy loss.

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@Mehnazfatima… are u still holding aksh? What is ur opinion now on aksh?

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It will be very interesting to see of the promoters sell any shares this qtr as well. This selling has kept the upside in check. It will also be an indicator of the expected results.

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Yes…holding…with the expectation that it won’t move much for next 1-2 quarters…only the topline will show impressive growth, the EPS will remain stagnant…

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Is this news responsible for sudden interest in optifibre companies?

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Hi Ma’am,

Any new development for today’s spike?

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Another 20% UC today. Even D-link and Kellton Tech are on the move. Any news?

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@Mehnazfatima Any particular fundamental reason for 20% upper circuit today? Are you still tracking Aksh?

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Yes…I am still holding Aksh. But would prefer to wait and watch for post result management comments.