Aksh Optifibre- A Technical and Fundamental Analysis

(PE_Ratio) #268

Capex update and timeline:

  1. Ophthalmic lens production coming online from March 2018. And production capacity scalable to 3 times based on market response.
  2. OF capacity - 4mn FKM per annum coming online from Feb 2018 in Dubai (roughly guessing because it must have been commissioned at the end of Jan according to post-q3 press release). This will take the OF capacity from 3mn FKM to 7mn FKM. 133% capacity expansion.
  3. OFC capacity – 0.7mn FKM per annum in Mauritius, unknown OFC capacity in Silvassa must be coming online in few months (most probably in the beginning of Q1 2019).
  4. FRP - 0.8mn Km per annum FRP in China (must be coming online in few months). This will take the overall FRP capacity from 2.6mn Km (1.2 mn Km in India + 1.4 mn Km in Dubai) to 3.4mn Km. That’s 30% expansion in capacity.

I couldn’t find anywhere the OFC capacity that’s going to be added in Silvassa. Does anyone know how much that is?

(PE_Ratio) #269

Dis: Not a buy/sell recommendation. Just posting my study of the chart.

(ukdube) #270

Historic analysis of all fraud and chore management are testimony to my apprehensions-low (bellow 30%) holding.See what is happening to Sintex Plastic/Sintex industries. .

(PE_Ratio) #271

Aksh is following a pattern. It gave breakout the last 2 times when it formed symmetric triangle pattern. Now it’s forming another symmetric triangle. Will it again give another breakout? We should keep monitoring the daily chart.

(PE_Ratio) #272

Aksh Optifibre trending in AB=CD pattern channel in the weekly chart. Look how beautiful this is.
First AB=CD pattern.

Followed by another AB=CD pattern.

Followed by one more (if it forms D)

Here’s the AB=CD pattern channel.

Can it make one more AB=CD pattern and continue in the channel? We’ll see.

(PE_Ratio) #273

Elliott Wave count in the long-term chart. It’s been in an uptrend since 2012.

Internal subwaves of wave 3 shown in the above long-term chart.