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(Rajesh_1503) #106

Hi grohal,
Company have paid 5% dividend for last two years and their cash reserve have also grown pretty well in last few years whereas I also share your concern over so many subsidiaries and specially when they are not audited.
Could you please share the list of “Red Flags” you found for AETL. This may benefit fellow VPers who is also analyzing this company.
Disc: No position but considering as future look bright for this industry.

(Sarabjeet Singh) #107

Quarterly Results out

Results and Investor Presentation

(Sujay Ghosh) #108

Pledging has almost halved in December Quarter: from 30.10% to 15.34%. We need to closely look at this parameter considering the current market sentiment.2019-02-07_204908

Disc. Invested

(Sujay Ghosh) #109

Q3FY2019 Results

(mohammadarshad27) #110

Can anyone please explain why CL Rathi left the management of company. And why he has been selling his holdings continuously.yesterday also he sold about 5 percent through his holding companies

(Parthiv Jethi) #111

Where did you read this?

(AmitContrarian) #112

Is he selling ? could you provide the source ? They have to intimate exchange after selling > 5% as they are promoters.

(Sarabjeet Singh) #113

@AmitContrarian , AFAIK promoter has to inform of any selling or buying irrespective of the percentage. However they can do this within few days of the selling and not necessarily the same day.

For info on selling by Mr. CL , Refer 8th Mar bulk deals and you would see the data.

(mohammadarshad27) #114

Check the bulk deal reports of 8th march

(UTPALG) #115

Any idea why prices shoot up in last 2 days? if promoters are selling then prices should fall isn’t it?
@ [mohammadarshad27] : from where did u get info that C L Rathi left management of company?

(Sanjeevani1) #116

bandhu…Promoter sold to bring in Orbimed Asia III Mauritius Limited. Promoter nearly sold around 10 % which was bought entirely by this fund house. And now go read on about Orbimed Asia.