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I see that many of us have doubts about long term benefits for minority shareholders. It maybe that some decisions not in favour of minority but if we look at returns of Grasim over longer period of time, it is good. Idea is in wrong business but can we just look at long term shareholder value created by Grasim or even the earlier holding company of Aditya birla nuvo? Also, I feel that groups which go for demergers create more minority shareholder value than those which go for IPO? Please correct me if I am wrong hereā€¦because in case of IPO, holding discount comes for parent plus we do not get he new business (unless we buy in secondary market) but in case of demerger, the management shares the new company in same proportion with minority shareholders.

If anyone can give more details on when and why company go for demerger or IPO (except in IPO they get new capital)ā€¦and which benefits the minority shareholder more in long term?

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To all who like Aditya Birla Capital,just give it a thought why share price is subdued after demerger. When Aditya Birla Capital was listed , Grasim Industry was part of the MSCi India Index which has weightage of around 8% odd in MSCI emering market index. Foreign Portfolio invester/Mutual fund wiedly follow this index.After demerger this entities also alloted Aditya Birla Capital due to the holding they maintained in Grasim.As those funds mandate is based on Msci index FPI/MF are forced to sell Aditya Birla Capital because AB Capital still not part of Index.This bit of news was very wiedly published on media.Now I tried to gone through the shareholding pattern disclouser company published to exchanges.Three of them came out till last quarter,March 2018.

73% odd is promoter holding in the company , as per Sept 2017 release non promoter FPI holding was at 7.87% ,Euro Pacific Growth Fund (still they are holding at Grasim Industry)was holding another 1.1% , Citi Bank NA is holding ADR(again due to Grasim and they holding Grasim till date ) amounting to 1.26%.
March 2018 shareholder disclosure is showing FPI holding came down to 5.27% both Euro Pacific and Citi Bank has sold the position. Interestingā€¦this sort of supply of scrip may put more pressure.FPI inflow to equity in India only weakend starting from Feb-March 2018.Looking forward for June 2018 release. What do you think.Is it natural phenomenon does it justify slide in price?

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Aditya Birla Capital has big name associated with it. Leaving apart Birla from name though their topline is rising however bottom line is still sluggish due to expansion taking place. Lot of hype had been built up due to insurance, AMC arm. Still it trades at P/B of 4.2 which is little expensive. It will take long time to recover however will give good returns in 5 year horizon. It is fairly valued right now donā€™t see any further downside until some negative surprise in results

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Agreed. Limited downside risk from hereon, but in next 3-5 year there is a high degree of possibility of making decent return, given high growth visibility.

However on your point of little expensive, i feel if you compare all the large sized NBFC including bajaj finserve, this seems to be much fairly valued.

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Aditya Birla Capital Credit Suisse maintains outperform with target Rs 175
The research house has remained positive given its good growth potential and improving profitability across business.

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Q1 2019, Results and Presentation:

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Why is this stock trading at a such high P/E and P/B multiple? Q on Q growth has been flat since last few quarters and many of the businesses are mediocre or at initial stages.

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AB Capital combines business of different kindā€¦pe pb valuation may not be good idea.AMC business ,Life insurance has performed well.AMC business can get a pe multiple of 30 easily. 1k cr month sip book.36% equity book and growing. Banca tie up has turnaround the life insurance also insurance book has largly traditional product and 9% comprise of risk product of NB.newly started health insurance business is draging the profit ,arc business also newly started, insurance broking fees gets reduced and a drag on the company. Major business AB Financial service has shown detoriation of asset quality.But NIM is quite healthy.

On separate note canda based pension funds are interested in nbfc business.

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This is fake news, I guess. KMB had categorically stated that there will be no dilution in subsidiaries in foreseeable future. If any, it will be in ABC level.
Besides, 20% for 250 usd, is ridiculous valauation for AB financial services, let alone AB Capital.