Accelya Kale Solutions-Niche & Sticky Business

(shubhams95) #263

I really don’t know how this company operates. I’m waiting since one week for reply of my email and there is still no response.
Even after several phone calls, different people are giving different responses.
Some guy said they are looking into the issue and reply within the same day. Next call, some women picks up and says that they haven’t opened their email for a while.
I mean, investors relations team has only one job and they can’t do that work properly. It doesn’t look very professional.
Any advice on this? I’m seriously considering a SEBI complaint against them.

(sandeep17) #264

You should reach out to the registrar. I did a quick look-up - Karvy is the registrar for Accelya. You should find their contact details in the annual report. They should be able to sort this out.

(barasia) #265

That is surprising. I emailed them about 15 days back. They replied within
a day.

(_rushinshah) #266

I have written short summary note Accelya Kale’s FY17 Annual Report.
I hope this will be helpful to you.

PS: Please find the attachment.ACCELYA KALE SOLUTION AR 2017 KEY HIGHLIGHTS.pdf (600.8 KB)

Thanks & regards,
Rushin Shah

(bomi karkaria) #267

“I think the variation in earnings has something to do with their adoption of Ind AS for the first time.”

Accounting standards also require that whenever there is any change, the comparative previous year’s figures are also re-stated, so that there is an apple-to-apple comparison.

(kkarimyusuf) #268

Can anybody help in understanding if the results include Mercator’s sales/profits? Which begs the question, would Accelya gain anything on its books from the common promoter?

(Ketan Mukadam) #269

I do not think Accelya (which merged with Mercator) is a listed entity. Accelya Kale (where Accelya acquired India listed Kale Consultants) is a listed entity. So I do not think Mercator’s sales/profits will get included in Accelya Kale’s financial statements.

@_rushinshah, a good write-up. Any chance of including the risks for investors in the write-up?

(_rushinshah) #270

Hey, sorry for the delayed response.

Key risks are:

  • Any headwinds during the integration between Accelya and Mercator.
  • High client concentration.
  • Rupee appreciation versus major currencies could dent its margins.
  • Revenue and margins could be lumpy from quarter to quarter.

(Ketan Mukadam) #271

What about oil prices? As I understand, majority of Accelya Kale customers are LCCs, and their operations should highly depend on oil prices. A high oil price can dent their survival capabilities (or may reduce number of routes they serve) and may impact Accelya-Kale revenues. Thoughts?

(BLB) #272

Technically Kale looks very interesting with break of one year consolidating triangle.


Growth for last 3 years is worst than large cap IT services.

(nemishshah) #274

Press Release - “Our Performance this year will be impacted by the loss of a key customer Air Berlin, as the airline has filed for bankruptcy. The consolidation of our Revenue Accounting portfolio is nearing completion and the planned release of our solution is on target. We are happy to announce an interim dividend of Rs. 14 per share.”

(Dr. TarunDS) #275

Berkshire of software

An investor in america inspired by WB explaining his investment style in software businesses which tend to be extremely sticky as a person/company would hardly change the software but keep paying for upgrades and renewals happily.
Accelya seems one of the lot!
Can we also find any other IT companoes which come to mind ?

(harjotsingh87) #276

Oracle Financial Services Software is another such candidate. I heard this podcast as well few days back, interesting thought.