10 Yr,5Yr and 3 YrHistorical PE's of Indian Stocks

(rohitnagareddy) #1

Hi All,

Could someone please let me know where i can find 10 Yr,5Yr and 3 YrHistorical PE’s of Indian Stocks.
My Objective is to Calculate PE Ratio Valuation using 10 Yr Average PE inorder to arrive at a fair value of stock. Also let me know if there is any easy way of doing DCF Valuation,as i feel it very Confusing concept,


(Sudhakar Moharana) #2

For historiacal PE chart please follow following link. One member has posted below website for security analysis. Hope this can help you a little.

(rohitnagareddy) #3

Historical Chart for NiftyPE is Available in Official NSE website.But is not available for Stocks,Is there any website where it shows PE ratio on daily basis for all the Stocks.

(NNaik) #4

Equitymaster gives PE for last 5 years

(Prash) #5

Gurufocus.com is quite good. But paid subscription.

(Himanshu Tomar) #6

http://craytheon.com has historical PE data for stocks but its paid subscription